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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is already making our lives easier and a lot of ways today whether it’s the voice assistant on our smart phones perfect product suggestions in an online shop or predictive maintenance of trained but what really is artificial intelligence artificial intelligence is nothing but software so it automatically …

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Lexus ES | Artificial Intelligence | Behind the Scenes

Man & Machine How A.I. rewrote car advertising “Alright…” “Camera…” “Ready…” “Action!” The truth is that the machines are coming. I think that means that we have more magic tricks to play with. AI in advertising is something that is talked about a lot. There’s obviously a very clear set …

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence: Robots and Beyond

ALVING: Good afternoon and welcome to the Council on Foreign Relations’ discussion on the future of artificial intelligence, robots and beyond. I’m Amy Alving, and I’ll be your moderator for today. We have a very distinguished panel here, and in your information, you have a detailed bio on everybody on …

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Artificial Inteligence For Digital Publishers To Test Ads

Do you know how there potentially millions of different ad combinations on any given page of your website what if I told you that some of these combinations likely perform significantly better than others additionally there’s not just one single combination that performs better than all the rest rather there’s …

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