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Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Is buzzing over apple’s latest must-have gadget the MacBook wheel a revolutionary new laptop that does away with the keyboard tech trans reporter Jeff Tate has more thanks Andrea say goodbye to the keyboard and hello to the future of laptop computers with the MacBook wheel Apple has replaced the …

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Artificial Inteligence For Digital Publishers To Test Ads

Do you know how there potentially millions of different ad combinations on any given page of your website what if I told you that some of these combinations likely perform significantly better than others additionally there’s not just one single combination that performs better than all the rest rather there’s …

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Why Scientists Used Graphene Nanoribbons to Engineer Bionic Mushrooms

Imagine the world…powered by mushrooms. No, I’m not on drugs, this is an actual scientific thing–we’ve now invented mushrooms that produce electricity, no fossil fuels required. Let me explain: researchers at the Stevens Institute of Technology just created what they’re calling a bionic mushroom—a fungus they’ve modified to produce electricity! …

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This High-Tech Farmer Grows Kale in a Factory

(electronic music) It might look like we’re inside a spaceship, but this is actually a farm. (buzzing) The crops here are grown mostly by machines with the help of just a few humans, like this woman. Her life offers an early peek at a new kind of farming. It’s a …

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