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The Huawei Mate X is an untouchable foldable

– Hey guys, we’re here at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and we’ve just taken a look at Huawei’s Mate X. Its first foldable phone, a competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Fold, and it’s one of the most exciting devices we’re gonna see this show. I do say see, because none …

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The new Sony Xperia lineup is really tall

– So this is the Xperia 1. This is an iPhone 10. Look how much taller this is, it’s insane. (upbeat techno music) Hey it’s Chaim with The Verge, and we’re here with Sony’s new phones they’re announcing at MWC 2019, and this year, Sony’s going tall. (upbeat techno music) …

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These tools can protect your online privacy

– You know how that one ad follows you everywhere around the internet? Those ads are incredibly annoying and they’re kind of a perpetual reminder that you’re not anonymous online. No matter where you go, someone knows what you’ve been up to. Maybe you looked at a sneaker on your …

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