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The Best Laptop for Under $200 (& It’s Easily Upgradeable)

Windows laptops have gotten pretty inexpensive over the years and not only that they’re not just cheap they’re also pretty decent no longer do you have to choose between a really crappy cheap Windows laptop and a really expensive high-end gaming one one of these such laptops is actually being hailed around the web is probably the best laptop you can get for under 200 bucks it’s called the HP 14 – a n01 3 and are yeah not the best name but regardless let me show you why if you do only have 200 dollars to spend you probably should get this laptop among the other ones first up performance the laptop has an AMD e 2 7110 quad-core processor that essentially is similar to an Intel i3 405 you in terms of pricing but as a slightly higher clock speed in a much higher GPU clock speed than the i3 and comparing that to the other computers in this price range that all have Intel Atom processors which are essentially mobile processors it sleeps ahead in terms of power the graphics that’s integrated into the chipset is an AMD raid on r2 which also is definitely ahead of the other laptops in this price range and the fact it comes standard with 4 gigs of RAM is also I leaned up more than most in this category oh and by the way you can easily unscrew the bottom of this laptop and put in more RAM you can basically double it to 8 gigs for about 30 bucks if you buy the RAM online and quadruple it to 16 gigs for about a hundred and thirty bucks which is the max that the computer can handle and we all love benchmarks right so here’s a quick benchmark from Geekbench on this laptop and how it performs compared to the other ones in this category to kind of illustrate what I’m talking about the screen is also something that HP kind of went up to the competition with while most other Windows laptops in the under 200 of our price range have a 1366 by 768 resolution display HP managed to put a full HD 1920 by 1080 screen on this little guy on top of that it’s an IPS display that frankly just looks really good for the price so far nothing but good things to say about the laptop right let’s really quick talk about one of the downsides of this laptop and that’s storage the device only has 32 gigs of internal storage that’s it now with the fact that Windows takes up some of that macaco fee which comes on it also takes up some of that as well as some of the unnecessary programs that are also put on here we’re looking at just about this much usable space which obviously is it great thankfully though HP put no shortage of ports on this thing which does actually give you a really cheap option to fix the storage issue but we’ll get to that in a second also though thanks to those screws at the bottom of this device you can also change out the SSD should you want to about a hundred bucks will get you a two hundred and seventy five gigs storage SSD if you want to do now the ports that I mentioned that HP put on this thing are specifically two USB ports one USB port one HDMI VGA a headphone jack an Ethernet port and an SD card slot and frankly that’s a lot of ports it’s more than most actually in the price range for these laptops not all but most and it also allows you to have a very inexpensive option of putting in say an SD card or one of those flush USB drives to add a bunch of storage really easily that you could even just leave sitting in the side of the laptop for example for about $15 you could double the storage using a 32 gig SD card or a 32 gig USB flush drive in addition it means that there’s plenty of places to plug in external drives external monitors and external mice which I personally prefer using external mouse on any Windows laptop especially the more inexpensive ones because they’re trackpads just aren’t terribly amazing in fact you can even find this laptop bundled with this HP mouse for the same price as you could find the laptop on its I’ll link that below in addition to the mouse you can get bundled HP also makes a laptop bag for it the besides being a good padded option for the laptop with room for books etc say if you’re going to school it’s also not bad looking either overall if you need a computer and you only have 200 bucks to spend you be hard-pressed to find one that has better specs then the HP 14 a n 0 1 3 n are horrible name put a pretty easy choice now your guys hope you enjoy that if you did please thumbs up or share it greatly appreciated also let me know in the comments what you guys thought of this video what you guys think of the laptop what other videos you’d like to see any new tech you’d like me to check out for you let me know always love to hear from you guys also please check out my tech blog which has been relaunched after a very long time do a bunch of tech news and other tutorials they don’t necessarily make it here to video you’ll find a link for that some are floating around here check it out let me know what you think of that as well as always though thanks for watching

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