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The Best Mouse for Laptops!

Hello, and welcome to another episode of wireless mice. Now, Dave 2D here, and this is a pile of wireless mice. You know, I was cleaning my office, and I was like ‘I have a lot of wireless mice’- And these are ones that I like; there’s a lot of other ones, that I’ve used that I never kept around These are the ones I like and I want to do a quick video- Kinda talking about why I like them and maybe one of these might be right for you, okay! These mice are… Actually most of them are Bluetooth-enabled. I really feel like, for laptops- for mobility You just got to use a Bluetooth mice. If you have one of those dongles that plug in, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re using a wired mouse, unless you’re playing games, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Pick up a wireless mouse It’s, there’s some really good ones some of them are very inexpensive. All right. We’re going to start off with Not this one. This is not Bluetooth. The rest are- okay, this one is a really good wireless mouse, but you need like a receiver And that’s just not really great for laptop users, so screw that thing; that’s a Razer something-or-other. The good ones are here, okay first. Let’s talk about This one: Razer Orochi. This is a pretty unique looking mouse, like if Batman had a mouse it would probably be this one. It’s got great tracking but battery life isn’t good and I feel like the shape of it requires a very particular- fingertip grip, I like it, and it’s not too expensive But I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone.

The next mouse is- let’s go with this one. This is a Bluetooth mouse that is very inexpensive. It’s I think $12 on Amazon there’s another version to this that’s $10 which uses a dongle Which is actually this one if you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled computer for whatever reason or if you’re comfortable using dongles you can save $2 but just get the Bluetooth one if you can. It’s literally the Cheapest mouse that I’ve used that I enjoy. it’s made by a company called JeTech comfortable to hold and It can handle a bunch of different grips and the sensor is surprisingly good.

The one thing I dislike about it, is the battery it uses a single double-A But it’s a pain in the ass to remove and install it you got to pull on the battery Super hard to pop it out But for 12 bucks. I still recommend it. It’s a good mouse next up is the Apple mouse. this thing SUCKS I don’t even know why it’s in here. I had it I just, I don’t recommend this for anyone it looks very pretty, but it’s a terrible mouse I think apple needs to make a better mouse. Next up We have the MX master mice This is the old one (left) this is the new one (right). It’s a great mouse and even though it looks big It’s comfortable to use with small hands It has a side scroll lots of buttons Excellent sensor the new version looks and feels pretty much identical to the old one, it has a couple new features Like higher DPI Longer battery life, and just mute conclude logitech flow, so that’s a feature that allows you to use the mouse across multiple computers Not just the cursor between screens We can actually transfer files and stuff between the two computers, and when I first use it I thought it was super cool.

It actually feels very magical But I just never use it and I’m someone who uses multiple computers every single day I have two computers on my table all the time running, so I don’t know if I’m not using it I feel like most people wouldn’t use that feature It also has a small version of this thing, the MX anywhere mouse So this is the old one the Mx anywhere 2 (left) and this is a new one the 2s(right) same idea though awesome sensor Good enough to play shooters casually. long battery life I like these a lot and these MX anywhere mice have this side scroll that the big ones don’t Ok last two, Microsoft makes a lot of mice and some of them are terrible but most of them are pretty good my two favorite are these two the Microsoft Surface mouse and the Sculpt Comfort mouse.

I like the surface mouse a lot. It’s super simple Maybe a little too simple for some people But I love the minimal aesthetic on it. the one thing I dislike about this thing as a travel mouse though Is that the battery cover is magnetically attached So it pops off pretty easily, it can fall out in your bag if it pops off And that’s kind of annoying the other one is a sculpt comfort mouse and I got to be honest I think this thing looks pretty ugly It’s very comfortable to hold but it’s not a pretty mouse.

The windows button on the side is touch sensitive So you can scroll, up scroll down I mean, it just adds a lot of functionality and you can press it to launch the windows button It’s inexpensive and the battery lasts a long time. but my favorite feature about this mouse is actually the horizontal scroll This is one of the cheapest mice out there with a reliable Horizontal scroll that works right out of the box, you don’t need drivers, You don’t need software. Which is really nice. now That’s not a feature that everyone uses, but if you like video editing, or you have big database files or excel files Horizontal scroll is awesome. These are all really good mice, and you can’t go wrong choosing any of them but if I had to pick one as my universal recommendation for laptop users It would be this one, the MX anywhere 2.

So this is the older one the 2s is quite a bit more expensive I think that’s like 40% more expensive this one’s so much cheaper, and it’s exactly the same in terms of user experience It’s supposed to have lower DPI and smaller battery But I’m charging it just as frequently and the tracking feels exactly the same between the two and I’m also not using logitech flow So yeah, this mouse is a good choice for a lot of people. Now, There’s two other things want to bring up, mouse pads the first one is this travel mouse Pad from razer It’s called the razer Kabuto.

It’s basically a really thin sheet of Neoprene It’s a cloth surface mousepad that you can roll up or keep in between the screen of most laptops. It doesn’t fit Macbooks though the tolerance on those are a little bit tighter. For macbooks, I recommend this thing. It’s made by 3M It’s a hard surface with great tracking the bottom is sticky to give it some grip wherever you want to use it so you can place it behind your laptop or Whatever.

It’s not taped though It’s the microstructure material that you can just rinse every time it gets gunky or anything, but yeah I’ve had this for two years and it looks basically brand new Ok, hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it. See you guys next time I’ve linked all of these mice and these mouse pads down below in the description ok .

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