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What’s the 16✗16✗16 Laptop?

Hey how’s it going, Dave 2D here So MSI is a gaming company, they have a lot of gaming hardware, they have laptops, components for desktops, they have gaming accessories, they’re gaming everything, And when they announced this thing, a laptop for creatives that could game, I didn’t think it would be something special because they’re just not know for products like this, but this is, awesome. The PS63 is the device that they’re calling the 16 by 16 by 16 laptop, and that just refers to it’s specs; it’s 16 mm thick, its 16 hundred grams, and has a claimed battery life of 16 hours, which seems impossibly long. Now right off the rip, the build quality on this thing is way better than most MSI laptops that I’ve used. The fit and finish of everything is just a little bit more refined, the aluminum panels fit tighter, there’s just less flex on the chassis, it’s a better built laptop than I expected. So as an example, the GS65 from last year, their Ghost, very popular gaming laptop with great performance, but the build wasn’t amazing. They’ve stepped it up on the PS63.

It’s still not a tank, there’s still some flex on the screen if you torque it but it’s just built way better than I thought it would be The screen itself is a 1080p display, it’s got good colour gamut, good brightness, with relatively thin bezels. The webcam’s up top; image quality on that is ok, but the screen itself is quite good. Now powering this system is a lower wattage CPU, the 8565U, and a reasonably powerful GPU On this system, it’s the 1050Ti Max-Q So normally, when you have a CPU like this, companies will combine that CPU with either the stock, like, Intel integrated GPU, which is normally garbage Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll get like an MX 150 which is decent, not a gaming GPU, but decent.

This GPU is significantly better. 1050 Ti MaxQ in here pushes out very respectful framerates in games. and that’s kind of way I like this product so much This combination of CPU-GPU really makes sense .

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